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Well, you can go see me on the big screen now. I have to say I really liked making the picture. It was a little surreal at first, but I thought it was easy and basically a good time. I think Jerry and me did all right for a first outing ('course that's up to everyone else though, itn't it?).

My Friend Irma

Jerry and I have a deal with Hal Wallis that looks like it's going to work out all right. They're already getting a sequal ready for us, and it looks like me and Jer'll have more things focused on us in it. And, as if that wasn't enough, it's going to be called "My Friend Irma Goes West". I'm ready to get that one started up, needless to say.

Me and Jer are also working for NBC with a radio show. Just being on the radio isn't nearly as much fun as doing live acts, but it gives us somewhere else to be. Our live shows are going great. People are mobbing us, screaming for us--they won't even leave the show when we're done. It's plain crazy--fun, but crazy.

Oh, yeah--about a month ago, I got divorced and married the gorgeous, wonderful, terrific, beautiful, marvelous girl you see below, Jeanne. How 'bout that?

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