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I just noticed I haven't updated in a month, so I decided I'd better check in because I don't wanna be lazy...well, I do, but it's a'gin the rules around here. Jer wandered in here and redecorated the journal, but he sat here and swore like an angel he didn't read any of it or write anything in it... I didn't believe him, and it's a good thing because I just had to delete an entry "I" made about how I've been developing strong "feelings" for him... But it's okay, I'm just waiting for him to put on the blazer he'll be wearing today (there's peanut butter smeared all over the inside of both sleeves >:D ).

Some very intelligent people made the wise choice to give me and Jer a movie, finally, My Friend Irma. It's not "our" movie, but, hell, we'll own it ;) . Doing a movie has been pretty interesting so far, at least different from performing in clubs. It's sort of hard to capture insanity on film, but I think we're doing it okay. I was really surprised with my first screen test for the movie. All these big shots were slapping me on the back and congratulating me. The very first time I did a screen test years ago was a disaster. They watched for a few seconds then shut it down and said I'd never make it in the movies because they couldn't understand me. I guess my speech has changed a little since then. Jerry teases the way I talk all the time and says I went from Italy to Alabama. Anyway, at least the brass liked what I was doing, so that's a good sign.

But, boy, Jer had an awful time with his first screen test. It wasn't his fault at all cos they had him playing something totally different than "Lewis", but that kid...he knows his shit. He talked Hal Wallis into giving us both another screen test where we were actually Martin & Lewis, and we really have us a set up going now. I kinda like this acting business so far, except the getting up at 5:30AM scene. That hour's only good for two things--either getting up to go golf, or just getting to bed.

Well kiddies, that's all for now. Jer and me are gonna take Hal's car down the street and hide it before we start to film. Hal just loves us, heh.

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