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I Know What Livin' Can Be

It's life, it's free, it's someone waitin' for me

Dean Martin
7 June
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What is there to tell about little ole me...? I was born in Ohio to Italian parents. I didn't even learn English 'til I was just starting school at around five (it was broken for years--it made 'em not even watch my entire first screen test cos they said you couldn't understand me). My mama gave me some good advice as a kid--hide your emotions. I don't cry and I don't give a damn about anything ('least that's how you'll see me ;) ). I'm a very touchy-feely person--I hug everybody and I generally have to have physical contact with people when I talk (that makes some of the ladies a little nervous sometimes, heh).

I dropped out of school when I was sixteen and got little jobs, like a gas station attendent, runner for alcohol and cigarrettes, and a steel mill worker. I started workin' in the casinos and I'd sing while I worked (like the song...only not whistling...). Eventually I wound up on the boards instead of just singing behind the tables, and then evetually I wound up on the local circut, and then eventually I wound up on a bigger circut, and then eventually I wound up at bigger clubs, and eventually I wound up makin' a lot of money and being very famous. The end! Okay, okay, I'll go on, since you're inerested...but you keep it between you and me, baby, 'cos I don't like talkin' about personal stuff very much.

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All of that lead to me getting myself to New York. I met a young fella there that had escaped from a nearby sanitarium named Jerry Lewis. One night we did an act together, mostly by circumstance, and before I knew what truck had hit me, we were the biggest comedy act in the world. Movies, songs, the whole bit. How 'bout that, eh? I'm his straight man, which can wear a little thin sometimes because I like to be funny, but I can deal with it (afterall, I'm me, Mister Mellow ;) ).

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After all of the comedies Jerry and I did, everybody said I'd flop on my own. Well, since one of my favorite past times is flipping the entertainment industry the proverbial bird, I wanted to sort of show all ya that I can act. I made the film Ten Thousand Bedrooms for my first solo project, and, boy, did it ever flop. I tried another approached and did The Young Lions as a likeable coward with Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando after that, and the critics were pretty nice to me (how could they not be? I was *brilliant* ;) ). I made a string of light musical comedies around the place, like Bells Are Ringing, Kiss Me, Stupid, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed, All in a Night's Work...and others I don't feel like typing out right now :) . I also did a spy spoof series as "Matt Helm", which was great because, hell, it's a spoof. I love makin' fun of stuff, what can I say. So many actors are so serious--hell, being an actor is easy. I can't stand an actor or actress that says it's hard. Anybody that says it's hard has never had to stand on his feet all day dealing Blackjack.

Oh yeah, speaking of spoofs, I also have one of the longest-running, most-popular variety shows in the world. Cool, huh, baby? I wasn't aiming to start a show, but they asked me to do it. I told 'em if they'd give me a ridiculously high salary and let me work only one day a week I'd do it. They said yes! Can you believe it?! Ha! Anyway, the no-rehearsing makes for some interesting television, and I have a lot of buddies around me all the time to cut up with. And lots of half-naked women, we can't forget that...

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I love doing westerns and singing country stuff. When I was a kid I'd ride horses with some pals and play cowboy after we'd been out working all night (we had a little singing group). John Wayne is a good buddy of mine. We made Rio Bravo together with the kid (Ricky Nelson), and we got together again to make The Sons of Katie Elder. I did Rough Night in Jericho (and I was a bad man, baby), Jimmy Stewart and I made Bandolero with Raquel Welch, and Robert Mitchum and I did Five Card Stud together.

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I hang around with a few other bums you may know: Frank, Sammy, and Peter, and Joey. They call us the "Rat Pack" collectively. I love those guys. I have a great time performing with Frank and Sammy in Las Vegas and singing and making movies with them (we're just a little self-amused and "naughty"; anything goes with those cats, especially Frank). I'm the drunken, womanizing funny man of the group.

Now, I'll let you in on a little somethin' here: that "me" in the Rat Pack is sort of a character. I'm sort of quiet and shy, I really don't drink much (I use apple juice on stage--and the kicker is I hate apple juice!), and Frank is the one that has all the broads. My favorite thing to do after work is get into my pajamas and watch westerns. I hate parties. Matter'a fact, I generally try to sneak off from them and go to bed so I can be up bright and early to go golfing--the game of kings! I love to perform, but if I hadn't ended up here, I would have liked to have been a professional golfer or baseball player. But I'm here, you're here, I'll sing, we'll drink--it's great.

Is that enough about me? I think so--it's after eleven at night and I tee-off at seven tomorrow!

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I'm not the wonderous Dino, I'm _thatsamore (Ginger), having fun playing his part here in the LJ world in the RPG community classic_rpg.

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